Grocery Stores & Pharmacies

Keep checkout lanes moving and increase the loyalty of shoppers from supermarkets to drug stores to fruit stands.

Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Improve your level of service and offer more convenient choices for the payment needs of your customers.


Give diners more ways to pay the bill at sit-down and quick service restaurants.


Expand payment options, build customer loyalty, and offer branded payment solutions for national/regional operations and local stores.


Make every online transaction safe and secure with just one click. We provide you with PC and Internet Solutions you need and our latest PC and Internet technology solutions can help you stay ahead of the competition with secure online transactions.

Professional Trades

Process credit, debit and check payments in the field and at a client location quickly and securely.

Government Agencies

Streamline the collection and disbursement of revenue for public-sector agencies.

PC Software Solutions

Businesses need flexibility in payment acceptance, and with these software tools merchants can accept and process multiple forms of payment while leveraging existing equipment.


For nearly 40 years, TeleCheck has delivered check acceptance solutions that help merchants accelerate cash flow, lower operating expenses and increase sales.

Gift Card Solutions

With our Gift Card solutions, merchants of every size and type can drive traffic to their businesses, increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.